1. Create A Specific Calendar For Your Social Media Posts.

When you log into Google Calendar with your Gmail account, you will see your own default calendar and other calendars that you may have access to. Create your calendar(s) by adding a new one. Repeat this step until you’ve added every channel you use for your business. We would advise to create a calendar for each platform you use and name the calendars accordingly.

2. Change The Colour To Distinguished Between Your Calendars. 

Change the coloUr of each calendar, this will make it easier to identify what is planned and scheduled at a quick glance. 

3. Grant Access To Other Users To Collaborate

Click on Settings and sharing, you can grant access to other people that you would like to collaborate with you. When you add people to your calendar, you have full control over whether they can modify, move, or delete things or if they can only view what you have added.

4. Create An Event With The Event Name As The Content Title.

Start adding your content the same way you would add any other event to your calendar. Use the event name for your content title. If you want to collaborate with a person on one content post, then you add them as a guest and it will be shared with their calendar.

5. Set Date And Time Of When The Content Is To Be Published.

Set the date and time as the date and time you plan to publish it.

6. Add It To Your Specific Social Media Calendar.

Next to the calendar icon, you can modify which calendar the specific piece of content is intended for.

7. Add The Content (Text & Images) Into The Description Text Box.

In the text box, add post details, such as links to research, images, the document  in your google drive where you’re creating content, etc 

Bonus: Always Keep Learning.

Always keep researching and learning about social media as platforms change rapidly.

We wish you the best of luck in your small business.We hope that this article was usefull and if you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us here.


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