Strategy & Organisation

Our Advice

Create a plan

– Study your business and it’s strengths, weaknesses, threat and opportunities
– What is your companies current digital strengths and weaknesses
– Study your business’s competition – what are their strengths and weaknesses
– Evaluate your current digital strategy

– Evaluate how digital is working within your business now and how this can be improved.
– Develop your business goals around digital
– Identify opportunities and challenges in your business where digital could provide a solution.
– Analysis the unmet needs and goals of close external stakeholders that align with the business’s key opportunities and/or challenges
– Develop a vision how the business’s digital assets will accomplish its needs, goals, opportunities and/or challenges.
– Prioritise a set of digital projects which can deliver the business’s vision.

Our Approach

We start our strategic planning process with an in-depth analysis of your business’s activities – both digital and non-digital. We look for your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. We analyze your digital presence and also do a comprehensive analysis of your key competitors. We look at how they are using their digital strategy to advance their business and how it compares to yours.


We then take our findings to our partner client and develop a detailed strategic plan to grow the business on a number of key performance indicators (KPI’s) over a number of pivotal milestones. On set dates we will review the plan and it’s KPI’s and compare with evolving trends and data. We maintain knowledge of topical trends and identify changing consumer behaviour – interpreting and identifying key insights from current data received throughout the planned timeline.