Design & Technology

Our Advice

There are many stages in the process of design and technology

1. Conceptual – Brainstorm your idea -research it – find who your nearest competitors with a similar concept and in location. Are consumers looking for this concept? What demographic is your consumer. Will the concept work and will the target market get it? How can this concept be best implemented? Research the most effective technology to reach your business goals/KPIs.Make sure that the technology is user tested and has a easy user flow/experience.

2. User Experience – User experience (UX) is the process of understanding user behaviour through usability, usefulness and desirability provided in the interaction with the digital product. Using the following:

– User Testing/Visibility Testing

– A/B Testing

– Site Maps and User Flows

3. Development/User Interface – The user interface (UI)  is where interactions between consumers and the digital space occur. The goal of this interaction is to allow effective control of how the digital space operates from the human end. Whilst the digital space feeds back data that aids the operating decision making process.

4. Implementation – have a checklist on technical requirements that your site will require before launching your digital product. What coding language was your site built on? What are the database requirements? What hosting capacity is required? What are your projected visitors? If you have an existing digital product, what will be your transition plan? Prepare a pre marketing plan and inform your clients of the upcoming updates. Have a maintenance plan for your digital product whether this is in-house or outsourced. Have a plan for checking – broken links, uploading content, hosting renewal and maintaining the site is consistently live, updating security against attacks, large growths of visitor traffic, moderating comments on your blog, speed optimisation and cloud back-ups.

5. Insights/Review – have a periodical plan in place to review insights and analytics on your site using tools such as google analytics. This assures ultimate performance for your users by identifying exit pages, conversion rates and bounce rates.

Our Approach

Brainstorm – we gather as much possible information at the beginning. We flesh out the concept, The how? The why? The where? The when? What are the deadlines/timeframes? Other such information such as content, statistics, production descriptions, graphics and multimedia.

User Experience (UX) – create an user experience that is amazing but also effective and efficient.

User Interface (UI) – we work on an interface that helps the UX become a speedy process for the consumer and also for the business process too.

Testing and Implementation – Test; Test; Test and then test again after launch and look for consumer and internal business feedback. This is one major part of our project management process to make the implementation of the digital product smooth and include all stakeholders – Marketing; Administration; Sales; Production and Finance.

Insights/Data – We review the digital product on a periodical basis – and identify and interpret the data is being produced in numbers on google analytics and identify changes to make.