Our Advice

Today, marketplace models are offering development opportunities to help your E-commerce get off the ground. Normally, they’re relatively cheap in terms of what you have to pay to be hosted, and they have already done the SEO and referencing work so you won’t have to.
Being present in prominent marketplaces is an excellent way to grow your sales whether you have your own dedicated site or not. 
A marketplace hosts and sells your products for you, or even allows you the opportunity to have your own store, like homemade and craft platform Etsy. The technical platform is in place for sellers to easily create catalogues for their products and reference them, manage orders, offer secured transaction options, and even sometimes manage store stock.
There are several marketplaces that are highly visible that we all know and use: Amazon and eBay are the top giants, with several others that are more adapted for different niche domains. There are clear advantages to using a marketplace to sell your products.

Our Approach

1. Research your product and identify if there is a similar product on the marketplaces and them choose the correct marketplaces to promote your products.
2. Choose the correct category on the marketplace
3. Identify Costs
4. Produce good product descriptions and graphics including size charts if applicable.
5. Drive traffic from the marketplace to your website using clever branding.