360 Commerce

Our Advice

– Online store
– Click and Collect
– Payment and Invoicing solutions
– Marketplaces
– In Store Digital
– Social Media Markets
– CRM 
– Automation

E-commerce is evolving at a n expedited rate and many more businesses are now moving to trade online, improving their businesses and making them lean.

Online Stores are a lot easier to set up and trading can be started very quickly. But a clear plan has to be put in place and look at all options to integrate with the rest of the business and make the process leaner.

In a cashless society – online payment solutions are a great method to get paid on time and there are automated solutions that can integrate with specific accounting packages. As well as payment solutions they are extensive online invoicing solutions helping businesses keep track of their invoices and getting paid on time, these can be integrated on their website.

Click and Collect – This is an effective way to utilise online shopping and have the consumer travel to the store and save them time instead waiting for delivery. This can be considered an amazing customer experience.

Marketplaces – Marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay are a great way to have your business’s products put in front of a larger engaged audience.

In-store Digital is continuing to grow with digital ordering in stores. But it also creates more selling opportunities to display more information about products.

Social Media Markets are growing with Facebook with marketplaces and instagram shops. These marketplaces will help your business and its products to get in front of more consumers.

CRM – CRM can integrate into your existing business processes which are both online and offline – this is a substantial help in increasing your customer experience (CX)

Automation – Automation has grown hugely in the last number of years with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and is getting easier to set-up.

Our Approach

Concept – We explore the concept of your online commerce idea and look at how best to implement it and improve it with the business’s existing processes.

We observe and develop user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). We work with data to make your customer’s online experience worth talking about.
Testing and Implementation – Test, Test and Test again once your online store has been launched and gone live. Implementation and testing would be a project managed with all stakeholders – marketing; administration, sales/in-store; suppliers and finance.

Review and insights – we would periodically review the store and interpret the insights from google analytics and improve the customer experience (CX) on the online store. We would also recommend and review how the operations in house are working, from dispatching and delivering your products to your consumers in a timely manner.