1. Research Your Niche

There is so much information and websites out there to research your niche.

Google Trends is good to check how your niche is trending and in which Countries, States and cities.

Pinterest is perfect for visual inspiration and finding ideas.

Quora is a place to find out the hot topics in your niche.

AnswerThePublic is as the name suggests is finding out what people are asking on the internet and can be filtered by country and language.

Facebook groups just like Quora is a great way to see what is the hot topic within your niche.

2. Explore Your Hashtags

Exploring your hashtags is great to find out which ones are working and then what is the most effective posts. A great free tool for this is MetaHashTags.com.

3. Analyse Your Competitors

Pick your top 5 competitors, but also put your top 5 challengers, businesses that may be smaller than yours but maybe doing something different on social media. Analyse their accounts and identify their strategy and how it is performing.

4. Research Your Favourite & Major Brands

Similar to your competitor’s research, pick your favourite brands – small or large but also major brands such as Cocca Cola and analysis their social media strategy.

5. Investigate Suggested Profiles And Explore Tab On Instagram

Instagram has a great feature where their algorithm gives you suggested profiles similar to yours and the profiles that you follow. This algorithm also populates the explore tab. Find inspiration by analysing these profiles and tab for your Instagram strategy.

Bonus: Always Keep Learning.

Always keep researching and learning about social media as platforms change rapidly.

We wish you the best of luck in your small business.We hope that this article was usefull and if you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us here.


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