1. Learn from your past mistakes.

The year 2020 will always be remembered as a very tough year for businesses. But there were positivities too, review your top wins in 2020 even if they are small and build on then. Also, look at the mistakes that were made, review them and take lessons learnt from them into 2021. The new year will still be changing and evolving and by reviewing 2020 it will help your business make effective change. A review across all aspects of your business from marketing to operations will help you with a firm start for 2021. Set your intentions out for 2021 and set a plan out and review periodically.

“Set intentions, not resolutions.”

2. Review 2021 Trends

What trends are emerging for 2021?


  1. Customer Retention and Service
    Anyone can set up an e-commerce store these days within hours, therefore the competition is going to increase. Customer retention and service is going to be key to help sustain and grow your revenue. The e-commerce store of 2021 has to have exceptional customer service and work on its rate of customer retention.
  2. Fulfilment/Click and Collect
    Difficulties happened in fulfilment in 2020 but it is a crucial pillar for customer service. Amazon Prime is successful because it offers same day or next day delivery. Small businesses can use their fulfilment service or research other fulfilment services. Also, click and collect came into its own in 2020 and businesses will continue to provide this service long after Covid-19.
  3. Marketplaces
    Marketplaces are going to continue to grow – you could call them the new shopping malls of the 21st Century. These are expensive places to have your products, but these places will have huge “foot-fall” and the potential of a lot of sales.


  4. Green consumerism
    Environmentally conscious consumers will continue to grow and businesses who provide an eco-friendly product and service will have a major advantage in this growing market in 2021.


  5. Network possibilities
    Covid-19 has broken down the barriers of people being more relaxed about “zoom” meetings which will create more networking opportunities.

3. Setting Goals in 2021.

Set out your goals in a list and pick your top 3. Work on these 3 goals by setting out the steps/tasks that will help you achieve them. Remember small steps instead of big steps. For example, going from 0 to 60, go 0 to 10 them 10 to 20 and 20 to 30 etc. 

Use your online calendar to schedule your time, tasks and not just meetings. Also, remember a work-life balance, just like an athlete has to rest their muscles your need to rest your brain. Eat healthily, workout, have a hobby and most importantly of all have rest.

“A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish”

4. Motivation & Momentum in 2021

The problems of 2020 turned into opportunities for a lot of people. Applying a positive mindset will help you along the journey of 2021. No future is certain and 2020 has taught us this, so let’s embrace uncertainty. Conditions can change but it is much easier in 2021to respond. If your plans are not working, re-calibrate your goals as needed and move forward. Remember to be grateful for what you have and use this to springboard back into momentum.

“If you fall off, get back on the horse”


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